Keith McKay, our owner and founder, was a touring Tennis Professional in Europe and during his time overseas he found himself falling in love with the Italian culture and cuisine. Upon coming back to the states, he purchased a tennis club through which hired two Italian Tennis Pros hailing from Sicily and Calabria whose family shared a passion for cooking. Through the alterations and experimentations of shared family recipes within the group, Keith began to develop a zeal for the taste and process of making classic Neapolitan style dough. His wife, Kellie McKay, joined in on the creation process and the partners spent any free time they had honing their craft.


Delicious, handmade, and wholesome food sourced from high quality ingredients are the themes of all of our dishes. All good food takes time and effort. You can find this effort in all of our menu items with our pizza dough being allowed a 72-hour cold fermentation period and every ounce of our egg yolk pasta, made in house by hand. From our famous Calabrian sausage and wood-fired meatballs to the croutons and candied pecans in our salads, your meal was made with care and effort.

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Fridays : 4-9 pm

Saturdays : 12-9 pm

Happy Hours : 4-5 pm & 8-9 pm


We believe in serving others for their most important memorable events.